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If you have questions about a product you own or a new product you are interested in, our team is here for you. We work closely with our retail partners and manufacturers to exceed customer exceptions and support our products. If you would like to join or team reach out to us. Inquiries about an order? Our support team is available via email day or night. Feel free to reach us via phone during normal business hours. We look forward to hearing from you..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vegan Leather?

 Our Handbags are designed with a synthetic leather made from organic (plant-based) materials. It has the feel and durability of leather but is both animal and eco-friendly. The material also has a stonewashed, slightly textured appearance to give our bags that classic leather look. Vegan Leather is simply a sustainable product that has the same look and wear as leather but is stain-resistant and made without harming animals. 

Is the Strap Adjustable?

 We have designed our straps to allow our handbags to function as shoulder bags and cross body bags. The strap length is approximately 63" total (from attachment point to attachment point on the purse). The strap drop length, on average, is 13"-34". This allows the wearer to choose the perfect length that fits her or his style and figure. The strap is always made from our vegan leather, a lightweight material, and matches the color of the handbag. 

How do I use the Convertible Backpack?

 Our Convertible Backpacks come ready to be used as backpacks. To convert to a shoulder bag or cross body bag simply detach the hooks from their latch-points and extend the straps. As needed extend the straps further using the adjust points to allow for a cross body wear - or a messenger bag look. 


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